Paige Hall-Hartsfield

Founder and CEO of AboutFace

Paige Hall-Hartsfield is an acknowledged innovator among her contemporaries. Her passion, sense of humor, discipline and creativity combine to make her a favorite in the business community. Under her dynamic leadership, AboutFace has evolved from a company providing secret shopping and customer experience research to a respected leader in customer experience insight, innovation and strategy. Clever, pioneering services like Secret Shopping On-Demand™, Customer Experience Profile and Guestumentaries™ are but a few of her visions that have become reality.

Prior to founding AboutFace, Hall-Hartsfield graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Training and Development. Hall-Hartsfield was the first person in the state of Georgia to earn this degree, having led the charge to create a degree in this heretofore untapped field. After graduating, Hall-Hartsfield developed Boar’s Head Provision Company’s secret shopping program and later acted as Director of Training for the Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport’s parking operation. Hall-Hartsfield realized that, regardless of the diversity of the environments, performance evolved in exactly the same way: utilizing a results-oriented program where people could review and understand how actual customers perceived their performance resulted in immediate improvement.

Hall-Hartsfield’s reputation has generated over 60 articles and 80 television interviews featuring her expertise. Her work also attracted the attention and seal of approval of Ken Blanchard (Organizational Development and Performance Guru). In addition to over 39 industry awards granted to AboutFace, Hall-Hartsfield earned the coveted Mystery Shopping Industry Leader Award for five consecutive years. She was also honored with nominations for the Women’s Inc. 50 and Women’s Entrepreneur Growing Star in 2007 and for the Inc. 5,000 in 2007 and 2008.

Hall-Hartsfield’s results speak for themselves: Over the last 18 years, her work in developing effective programs has earned almost 1 billion dollars in increased revenue for clients.


Hall-Hartsfield has a style of leadership all her own that motivates and challenges others to do and be their best. She leads through inquiry, constantly probing with deeper questions that help draw out the best in others. This approach allows them to see angles they may not have thought through. Further, she teaches with anecdotes and analogies and with humor and fun, which is the key to offsetting the intense challenges she poses to her employees.

Regarding her team, Hall-Hartsfield best sums up her feelings by sharing: “I feel that I have made a significant contribution to their lives by teaching them the best business practices to help them deliver within any environment they choose to play. I believe in them, and I thank them for giving me the same belief. And I have learned more from them than they will ever know.”

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Stephanie Welton Thayer


Stephanie Thayer, President, joined AboutFace in 2012.   After graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, she quickly propelled her way to an Executive position and currently oversees the Client Services and Business Development Teams. In addition, Thayer is directly responsible for coordinating efforts between the Sales, Marketing & Operations.  She brings leadership, motivation and fresh perspective to the AboutFace Team and the industry.

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Misty Hudson

Senior Director of Client Research

Misty Hudson, Senior Director of Client Research, joined AboutFace in 2013 after graduating from the University of North Georgia in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.  She worked in the industry for seven years before joining AboutFace. In her role, Misty manages the Client Services and Program Development Teams and coordinates efforts between Operations, Client Services and Business Development. She also coordinates the activities of AboutFace Certified Expert partners and manages the AboutFace Advanced Customer Experience Strategy (ACES) Program. Further, Misty is a Subject Matter Expert in evaluation and program design, and she is responsible for developing the blueprint for all AboutFace client research initiatives across many industries in both the B2B and B2C. With extensive experience in developing and executing qualitative and quantitative research deliverables, Misty is proficient in easily moving from vision and strategy to hands-on implementation, ensuring that AboutFace client’s goals are met while exceeding expectations on a daily basis.

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