The system will engage analysts as well as non-technical team members.
To create ARCHIE™, we studied how various user types interact with the system and designed the interface to lessen the intimidation commonly felt by non-technical and non-research professionals.

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Colorful Dashboards

ARCHIE’s ability to summarize your research into a rich, informative, and colorful dashboard makes it a powerful tool. Whether you have multiple programs aggregating all of your program data or you want to view your organization in comparison to your competitors, ARCHIE delivers clean and simple results.

ARCHIE - Colorful Dashboards


ARCHIE - Key Contact Admin PanelKey Contact Administration Panel

There are numerous, ongoing duties program administrators will need to manage a smart program.

We understand this so ARCHIE empowers program administrators to direct activities, tasks and questions from an easy-to-use panel near the dashboard.  For example the Obsessive Care Pipeline™, our response and resolution tracking system, is available.  Also, program administrators can add or remove users as well as new or closing locations.

ARCHIE reduces the effort normally required from program administrators, so they can perform all of the other duties they handle, day-to-day.


Dynamic Drill-Down Analytics

“Drill” into your research from the top-level of your corporate hierarchy to individual locations or reps.  For example, view reports trended by Organization > Division > Region > District and > Store.  So, if you want to “drill-down” and see how a District 1 is performing compared to District 2 during Q3 or in July, Drill-Down Analytics delivers the exact information you need quickly and in a logical way.

ARCHIE - Drill-Down Analytics



User Customization

ARCHIE comes in two flavors: Standard and Signature.
ARCHIE Standard is robust, and allows for customization of reports and the dashboard.  Most of our clients choose this version.

ARCHIE’s Signature platform allows some unique features for reporting and is intended for clients who want to:
1.  Have custom dashboards for every level of the organization
2.  Integrate a certification and/or re-certification process to their research results


Audio, Video & Photo Attachments

Technology today makes the process of evaluating your customers and employees easier than ever before.

Cameras.  Smart phones.  Tablets.  Pens and glasses stuffed in pockets now allow shoppers to capture more than just survey responses.  Documentation may accompany audio/video/pictures.

Take a look at some sample attachments >>>

document-icon     image-icon     


Visual Performance Mapping

Similar to Drill-Down Analytics, Visual Performance Mapping (also known as Geo-spatial Analysis) grants users the power to dive into their research from a geographic perspective instead of hierarchical one.  Program information displays on a map, allowing users to visually find a state, region, or specific performance data.

Quick Click Analysis of the reporting is also provided in this view.  The possibilities for seeing the spectrum of dynamic stats are endless.

ARCHIE - Mapping


Foundational Reports

ARCHIE comes with a collection of reports called ‘The Foundational 7.  These reports provide the ability to view trends in 4 ways:

ARCHIE Foundational Reports

Examples include:

Progressive Improvement (12 mos.), Annual Overall Performance, Professionalism Trending, Rank
Locations by Salesmanship, Total Excellence By Region, Top Recommended Products by District.


ARCHIE - Escalation icon

Escalations & Notifications

Clients do not have to log into their portal to review their shops – they can receive by email them as soon as they are published.  Based on a client’s preferences, results can be automatically sent from ARCHIE at any given time, individually or as a bundle of criteria.  Want to receive only shops that fall below a certain score or shops based on a specific answer to a question?  ARCHIE can automate your results delivery.



Filter On-Demand

Data can quickly become noise without a filter to help you find what you need.  ARCHIE’s Filter On-Demand feature pinpoints specific answers to your questions.  Users may filter by evaluation, time, location, and/or territory.



Sharing Data

Import or extract your results on demand or automatically.

ARCHIE - Share Data Formats


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