You have a small business, which means you have a million and one priorities, and your customers must always remain at the top of that list.  As you grow, however, you will need to depend on others to care for your customers.  So, it is important to understand where there may be gaps in overall performance, which may put you at a disadvantage among your competitors.  To adjust and compete quickly, utilize feedback from your customers through AboutFace’s Secret Shopping On-Demand™.


SSOD offers growing small businesses, like yours, secret shopping services via a first-of-its-kind online platform which helps you stay connected to what matters most.


Our community of entrepreneurs utilizes big business methodologies which enables management teams to:TurtleSnapshot

  • Compare the business with other relevant, local competitors
  • Understand why they are retaining or losing customers
  • Train, coach and improve employee performance
Progressive Improvement
Rounds: Monthly (12) Mystery Shops Per Round: 2 per location Mystery Shops Per Year: 24 per location The Progressive Improvement Package is a best practices program, designed to provide the feedback and discipline needed to reinforce the habits that lead to increased sales and retention.  Choose this option if you and your team need rigor around improvement.
Rounds: Every Other Month (6) Mystery Shops Per Round: 2 per location Mystery Shops Per Year: 12 per location Our Improvement Package provides one shop per month per location;  it is a solid choice for improvement.
Rounds: Quarterly (4) Mystery Shops Per Round: 2 per location Mystery Shops Per Year: 8 per location Our Monitoring Package is great for companies that want a low-cost method of cross checking performance.  Feedback is intended for the location vs. coaching of individual employees, as there is not enough feedback to provide follow-up coaching.
Spot Check
Rounds: Semi-Annual (2) Mystery Shops Per Round: 3 per location Mystery Shops Per Year: 6 per location Our Spot Check will allow you a sporadic temperature check of your locations. It is not intended for managers who want to see steady behavioral improvement.  Using this will not allow aggregate trending on the dashboard because there is not enough history to provide clear trends.  It is great for companies that want a low-cost method of periodically assessing compliance.


If you have 15 locations or less, you can begin measuring your organization with Secret Shopping On-Demand™.