According to Dr. Fred Reichheld, the developer of the concept known worldwide as “Net Promoter Score®”, there is a significant correlation between a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)® and the company’s growth rate.

NPS® Surveys and Analysis show how many people, based on word-of-mouth, are discussing the brand, product, or service in a positive, neutral, or negative way.  It should not be a reflection of how satisfied a customer was at a given point in time, but how that customer feels about the brand enough to purchase again or recommend it to others.

Think about a trip to an Apple Store – on most days, your experience as a customer is outstanding.  You receive personal, one-on-one guidance from a dedicated, passionate Apple representative.  There are wait lines, but you don’t mind because the product and experience design are unique.  So much so that the brand is emulated by other companies often.

Now think about visiting that same store on an iPhone release day.  The environment is pure chaos, not enough product for the demand, not enough representatives to help, and frustration is the name of the game.  Does this one visit change your overall feeling about or willingness to recommend Apple?  Most likely, it does not – your perception of the brand exceeds that single experience.

AboutFace provides NPS® surveys, analysis, and cultural action planning services, and we are certified by Satmetrix, the company that runs the business side of Dr. Fred Reichheld’s system.

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