Mystery shopping is an exciting opportunity to share your customer experiences and be heard.
Read on to see if it’s for you.

What It Takes to be a Mystery Shopper
A mystery or secret shopper is a self-employed individual (Independent Contractor) who calls or visits a business interacting as a real customer would. By following guidelines to perform the assignment and making observations that fit in the categories the business seeks to understand, the shopper is partnering with the brand as a consultant or advisor of sort. It is important to a shopper’s success to understand the directions and provide a detailed write up the experience. Mystery shopping provides flexibility and a good discretionary income. A shopper can choose only the assignments that are appealing, can work for many companies, and he or she can work as much or as little as preferred.

To qualify as a Mystery Shopper with AboutFace, you must have the following tools and capabilities:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Computer and ability to check e-mail often
  • Fax machine, scanner and copier (digital camera is also required for some shops)
  • Telephone
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to remain neutral when describing your experience
  • A memory for details
  • Be deadline driven

We depend on you to follow through with each of the requirements and commitments listed above. When you accept a shop assignment, you are fully responsible and committed to completing the shop assignment on time. If you don’t perform your shopping assignment on time and as laid out in the client guidelines, you risk being disqualified. We want you to succeed and to continue to participate and profit from your shopping.

Best Practices
It goes without saying that the more knowledgeable you are, the more profitable mystery shopping will be for you.

AboutFace has developed the Mystery Shopper Community Best Practices to provide you with essential tools and resources to make that happen. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or just stopping by for a refresher, below are a few reasons the Mystery Shopper Community Best Practices should be a vital part of your AboutFace shopper experience:

  • Discover best practices for conducting a shop and writing a quality evaluation. Our standards are high. If your shop is rejected, you won’t get paid for it. Understanding conditions under which shops cannot be accepted will show you how to AVOID rejection
  • Learn tips and tricks to becoming a better Mystery Shopper
  • Get answers to your questions (We know you have questions!)

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