Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a mystery shopper with AboutFace!

We’re delighted that you are interested in contracting with us as a Mystery Shopper. With the help of Mystery Shoppers, AboutFace continues to receive industry awards year after year for the indispensable Mystery Shopping services that we (with your help) provide to our clients.

The first step in becoming a mystery shopper for AboutFace is to fill out our online application as well as read, understand and agree to our Independent Contractor Agreement.  Mystery shoppers for AboutFace are independent contractors – not employees.  Below is a copy of that agreement for your reference so that you will understand what will be required of you as one of our mystery shoppers prior to the application process.

Independent Contractor Agreement

You are an independent contractor and not an employee of AboutFace.

This means AboutFace:

  • May request your services on a project-by-project basis or not at all.
  • Will not withhold taxes from your compensation and will not pay any taxes on your behalf.
  • Will pay you only via PayPal. You must have an active PayPal account to shop for AboutFace.
  • Will not cover you under any type of workers compensation plan.
  • Will not provide tools or equipment for completion of a shop.

This also means that you as a Mystery Shopping Supplier:

  • Will complete projects from your own location or place of business (may be a home office).
  • Are able to accept mystery shop projects based on your own schedule or hours of availability.
  • Must provide a home phone number so AboutFace staff can contact you regarding your accepted shops.
  • Are responsible for submitting an invoice as a shop attachment.
  • Are able to determine the volume of shop projects you accept for completion.
  • Are able to accept shop projects from other mystery shopping companies.
  • Are a self-directed supplier and will not receive direct supervision regarding completing projects. Shop deliverables are assessed upon completion.
  • Are not required to attend regular meetings or performance updates.
  • Are not required to sign in and out according to hours of work.

When AboutFace notifies you of a client project either by e-mail or telephone, you may accept or decline. Acceptance of a client project:

  • Creates an implied contract between you, as the independent contractor, and AboutFace.
  • Means you will perform the project in compliance with the criteria contained in the Stated Client Objectives, Notifications, Scheduler Updates and the Terms of this Agreement.
  • Means that if conflicts arise such that you are unable to fulfill a project, you must notify the AboutFace scheduler 24 hours in advance, either by telephone or e-mail, so that we may reschedule the project.
  • Means that failure to notify us in a timely manner will jeopardize your contractual status with us. We maintain a record of all mystery shopping supplier “no call/no shows.”

Mystery Shopping Suppliers collect sensitive business intelligence. To contract with AboutFace as a Mystery Shopping Supplier, you must comply with the following Terms as stated:

  • You are not to discuss, duplicate, disseminate or divulge information relating to AboutFace, our clients, potential clients, any client project or potential client project to anyone, without prior written consent from AboutFace.
  • You are not to discuss the details of the client project with anyone other than AboutFace before, during or after you have accepted the project. Our clients’ desire for confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and we take our shopping procedures seriously.
  • As a trusted participant in the secret shopping process, you promise to keep all processes and results used in the assessment of those accounts confidential. This means you do not discuss any details about your secret shopping experiences on websites, chat rooms, or with anyone at the locations where you shop.
  • You may not be paid for a client project if your behavior before, during or after the mystery shop is so obvious that the very people you are shopping realize that you are a Mystery Shopping Supplier, or if your actions or disclosures let people know that a mystery shop is occurring within a particular industry or at a particular location. Violations of the confidentiality provisions of this Agreement will be reported to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and could adversely affect your ability to contract with other MSPA member companies.
  • You agree not to accept a client project if you are an immediate family member, employee or former employee of an AboutFace client. You should immediately let our scheduler know if this condition applies when accepting a project. To avoid any potential conflicts, and to make sure that no confidentiality issues arise, you should never accept any project if you or a close relative or friend works in the company or line of business which is being shopped.
  • Finally, any infraction of the confidentiality provisions or any other part of this Agreement by you that causes AboutFace to violate the confidentially provisions of its Agreements with its clients or to lose credibility, anonymity or future business may result in civil action against you for the damages you have caused by your failure to comply with these confidentiality provisions.

Mystery Shopping Suppliers will be paid for each client project that is timely and accurately performed in compliance with the Stated Client Objectives, Notifications, Scheduler Updates, Terms and Confidentiality provisions of this Agreement.

Client projects vary in scope and payment amounts, depending on the client’s objectives. In some cases, you may receive services and/or products in addition to or as your compensation. Do not assume that you may make a purchase and receive reimbursement for it unless a reimbursement amount is clearly communicated in the Stated Client Objectives. Reimbursement amounts, when allowed, vary and are usually limited to a specific amount. AboutFace does not reimburse for mileage, postage or telephone calls/facsimiles. These expenses are the responsibility of the Mystery Shopping Supplier, as an Independent Contractor. An applicable receipt must be submitted in order to claim any allowable reimbursement amounts.

By agreeing to these terms, I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and that I have read and understand the entire Independent Contractor Agreement. I further understand that once I register to qualify as a Mystery Shopping Supplier for AboutFace, I am bound by this Agreement.

I Understand These Terms – I’m Ready to Apply!