Once you are qualified as a Mystery Shopper or Panelist for AboutFace, you will begin to receive emails and text messages about opportunities located within your area. We encourage you to check the project listings regularly, as new assignments are added, frequently, during the month.

If you see an available shop in your area, you have the option to accept it or decline it.  If the shop has already been accepted by another Mystery Shopper, you may choose to be notified automatically if that shop becomes available again.

Remember, when you signed up with us, you added your home and work addresses to your profile, so we are sending you notifications within those areas, specifically.  From your Mystery Shopper home page, you can easily check for assignments outside your area on our job board.  This feature enables you to search for shops if you’re traveling or if you have a second home in an area other than your primary home zip code.

Performing Your Shop

A detailed shop flow is provided in each project’s Stated Client Objectives in order to help you have a rewarding and successful experience. Since specific requirements vary from client-to-client and month-to-month, we urge you to read through the Stated Client Objectives and the evaluation form prior to every shop. We want you to have a great experience, so please feel free to contact the scheduler or other contract person provided in the Stated Client Objectives if you have questions.

Best Practices for a successful shop:

Before Your Visit

Log in to your Mystery Shopping Supplier home page and click “View Visit Details or Fill Out the Form” for the shop you have agreed to perform.

Read the Stated Client Objectives and the evaluation before your visit.

ALL projects require a proof of visit (i.e., receipt, business card, quote, floor plan, etc.). Check the Stated Client Objectives for the type of proof needed for your shop.

During Your Visit

Be sure to double-check that you’re at the correct address!

Perform all required portions of the shop. Depending on the type of shop, requirements could include a home tour, a purchase and/or return or a test drive.

REMAIN ANONYMOUS!! This is key. Behaving as a regular customer protects your status as a Mystery Shopping Supplier and allows you to have a typical customer experience.

Be sure to obtain the required proof of visit item(s).

After Your Visit

Once you have completed your shop, we suggest going immediately to a location away from the shop site and writing down the DETAILS while they are fresh in your mind.

Details can include:

  • Specific items/features mentioned by associate(s)
  • Names and descriptions, as required
  • Timing for the visit
  • Any other shop specific details

Remember this – details tend to be forgotten with time, so TAKE NOTES!!

Submit the evaluation and your proof of visit by midnight on the same day of the shop (unless otherwise noted in the Stated Client Objectives).

Submitting Your Shop

When submitting your evaluation, it is critical that you provide substantial information about your experience. Remain neutral and back up your comments with details from the interaction(s).

  • Log in to your Mystery Shopping Supplier home page, locate your accepted visits in the center of the page and click “View Visit Details or Fill out the Form.”
  • Make sure to turn OFF your pop-up blocker.
  • Be sure to address EVERY question in the appropriate comment box. Details are key, and you will be contacted if details are missing! Tips to ensure your report will be great can be found at the bottom of every set of Stated Client Objectives.
  • While you are completing the evaluation on-line, be sure to save frequently. Don’t risk losing your hard work and having to start over!
  • Once you are finished, attach your proof-of-visit and click on SUBMIT (NOTE: Do NOT click on SAVE after attaching the proof-of-visit because doing so will prevent the evaluation from submitting properly).
  • When your evaluation has been properly submitted, a confirmation number will display on the screen. Write down your confirmation number, and you are all set!

Once submitted, your evaluation will be assessed. We maintain strict quality control practices to ensure we provide our clients with the accurate, thorough product they deserve. Editors will review your deliverable upon completion, and they will contact you if they require help understanding your evaluation. You will be asked to respond within a limited time-frame.

Feedback is a vital tool we employ to give you a better understanding of what makes a GREAT evaluation. Therefore, for each evaluation you submit, you will receive feedback from an editor.

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