A mystery or secret shopper is a self-employed individual (Independent Contractor) who calls or visits a business interacting as a real customer would.

What It Takes to be a Mystery Shopper?

A mystery or secret shopper is a self-employed individual (Independent Contractor) who calls or visits a business interacting as a real customer would. By following guidelines to perform the assignment and making observations that fit in the categories the business seeks to understand, the shopper is partnering with the brand as a consultant or advisor of sort. It is important to a shopper’s success to understand the directions and provide a detailed write up the experience. Mystery shopping provides flexibility and a good discretionary income. A shopper can choose only the assignments that are appealing, can work for many companies, and he or she can work as much or as little as preferred.

What It Takes to Successfully Perform Client Projects

Mystery shopping is an exciting opportunity to share your customer experiences and have your input heard. But it’s not for everyone! Read on to see if it’s for you. To qualify as a Mystery Shopping Supplier with AboutFace™, you must have the following tools and abilities:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Computer and ability to check e-mail often
  • Fax machine, scanner and copier (digital camera is also required for some shops)
  • Telephone
  • Great writing skills
  • Ability to remain neutral when describing your experience
  • A memory for details. You’ll need to remember the shop flow for the assignment and recall the details of the assignment for your evaluation.
  • Deadline driven: We depend on you to stick to the date you agree to perform a shop. When you accept a shop assignment, you are fully responsible and committed to completing the shop assignment for our client on time and in full detail. If you fail to comply and don’t perform your shop on time and as laid out in the client guidelines, you risk being disqualified as a Mystery Shopping Supplier. We want you to succeed and to continue to participate in profitable and enjoyable shopping!

Finding Available Shops in Your Area

Once you become a qualified Mystery Shopper for AboutFace, you will begin to receive emails when our clients have shops located within a certain distance from your zip code. We encourage you to check the project listings regularly, as new shops are frequently added during the month. If you see an available shop in your area, you have the option to accept it or decline it as you desire. If the shop has already been accepted by another Mystery Shopper, we offer you the opportunity to be notified automatically if that shop becomes available again. From your Mystery Shopper home page you can easily check for shops outside your area on our Job Board. This feature enables you to search for shops if you’re traveling or if your place of employment, if applicable, is in an area located some distance from your home zip code.