How will I know if shops are available within my area?
Once you have qualified as a Mystery Shopping Supplier, you will begin to receive emails when our clients have shops located within a certain distance from your zip code. We encourage you to check the listings regularly, as new shops are frequently added during the month.

For ADVANCE notice of shops, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! You’ll be among the first to learn of upcoming projects!

How much money will I make on a shop?
Each client project is different. Your payment amount is dependent on the complexity of both the shop and the evaluation. For example, a simple purchase shop would pay less than a purchase and return shop. The payment details, as well as any reimbursement amount for required purchases, can always be found in the Stated Client Objectives for your particular project.

I work full-time; can I still qualify as a Mystery Shopping Supplier?
Anyone over the age of 18 may qualify as a Mystery Shopping Supplier, provided they strictly follow the terms of our Independent Contractor Agreement and meet the requirements of the Stated Client Objectives for client projects they agree to complete.

How many shops can I expect?
The number of shops available to Mystery Shopping Suppliers depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Location, location, location
  • Projects within an area
  • Demographics
  • Mystery Shopping Supplier’s history and reputation
  • Certifications

I received notification of a shop in my area, but when I logged in, it was gone. Why?
If the shop no longer appears as available, it has been accepted by another Mystery Shopping Supplier. If you click the “Notify Me if this Shop Becomes Available” link associated with the project, we’ll let you know if the shop becomes available again.

Can I bring others (my spouse/friend/child) with me when I shop?
That depends on the type of client project. In most cases, it is acceptable to bring another person along unless the Stated Client Objectives specifically state otherwise. If other people are permitted by the Stated Client Objectives, make sure YOU perform the shop.

How and when am I paid for my services?
AboutFace™ pays all Mystery Shopping Suppliers using PayPal™. If you don’t already have a PayPal™ account, setting one up is simple.

You will be paid approximately 45 days from the date of the shop submission.

How do I update my personal information (address, phone number and/or email address)?
Simple! Log in, click on “Edit My Profile” and make your changes. Keeping your personal information up to date is critical, so we urge you to make changes as soon as they occur.

Is there anyone I could speak to further about this before I begin the process of qualifying as a Mystery Shopping Supplier?
Of course! If you still have questions, email Evaluator Relations. We are here to help!