Be assured that you’re shopping safe when you shop for AboutFace.  We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Beware of advertisements and emails offering lots of easy money or free gifts from AboutFace as payment for performing mystery shopping jobs. These offers are NOT from AboutFace; they are from scammers who are only after your money.
Fraudulent jobs such as these often involve asking you to cash checks, wire money from Western Union or from a particular bank or to accept a trial job that can lead to a large salaried position. AboutFace™ does not charge shoppers any fees to work with us, and we do not offer jobs that entail check cashing or wiring of money transfers. Additionally, we do not use a free email service such as Yahoo, Live or Hotmail to contact shoppers or to have shoppers respond to us.

If you spot any fraudulent advertisements or receive one of these fraudulent emails from anyone claiming to be with AboutFace, please let us know immediately in one of the following ways:


We’ll let you know how to report it to the proper authorities. If you have already been in contact with these scammers and received a check from a fraudulent mystery shopper company, do not cash it! It is either counterfeit or stolen, and if you cash it, you will be liable for the amount.

For more information and to learn what steps you can take to protect yourself from being victimized by these scammers, please check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website along with the Federal Trade Commission website, where a warning has been issued detailing the scam and what you can do in response.

Scammers are criminals. With your help, we can flush them out and stop them before anyone else becomes their victim.

AboutFace Better Business Bureau - A+ Rated