customer forensix™

. . . applies the science of forensics to engage teams in the collection, examination and analysis of evidence in order to solve customer problems.

What Is Customer ForensiX™?

By guiding teams through an engaging, focused and surprisingly easy game plan, Customer ForensiX™ helps organizations adopt customer-centered practices top to bottom.

The most surprising, predictable, upside-down CX solution you will ever love to implement.

Is It a Game?

Yes. Think intriguing games that require teams to work together to solve puzzles, all designed to understand the customer.  Teams look for clues  to uncover the truth, using all with tools they have and a few they will be provided, like a judge, jury, advocates, expert witnesses, ForensiX analysts, examiners, psychologists, specialists and previous testimony.  

Games may be played through video, digital, and in-person, and they can be planned or impromptu.  

Is It Strategy?

Absolutely. The strategy IS the game and the game plan. The entire organization goes through the process together.

Through experiential learning, people uncover core reasons that inhibit their organization\’s success. The process requires teamwork, people & leadership skills, as well as the ability to research, analyze, and think critically.  Leadership must learn to trust people with information previously undisclosed and employees learn to experiment with ways to remove detractors to help improve the DNA of the company.


Leaders LOVE Customer Experience Outcomes, but HATE…

  • The Headaches

  • Complexity

  • Managing Multiple Vendors

  • 3 – 5 Years of Cascading Strategy

  • People Conflict

  • $3,000,000 – $5,000,000 Budget Requirements

  • Time Investment

  • Siloed Data

There Is a Better Way

AboutFace Early Access Program

We Invite Mid-Market & Enterprise-level Organizations to Apply for Early Access to CUSTOMER FORENSIX™.

Your Biggest Issues with CX Implementation – Solved.

Customer ForensiX

“We were interested from the first meeting.  It makes sense to us why it will work and we can use the fun.” 

“We’re not great at innovation. we are considering [CFX] to change the way we approach the work we do.”

  • 'AboutFace Is Amazing @ Delivering Consistent Results'

    “Everyone in our company knew our customer service needed to improve.  We bought into a program with AboutFace and it worked.  Today, we have 5 programs that cover 6 different areas of our business, and each makes a difference in our operation.  

    We’ve grown to trust the people at AboutFace and are thrilled to try new programs – it is all about good collaboration.

    Customer Experience takes time and we aren’t the fastest organization to get things done.  We see a good reason to do the Forensics program.”


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