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Our programs provide a way of gathering intelligence, analyzing and illuminating insights and providing strategic advisory in one turn-key solution.

CX Research Services

AboutFace is recognized as a leading CX innovation provider, and a founding member of the CXPA, Customer Experience Professionals Association.
Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of all the experiences a customer has with your brand over the duration of the relationship, including the experiences prior to choosing a product or service and in between uses.

CX Research Subscription

The bold, new solution for companies who are serious about customer experience. 
ARCHIE™ is the first-ever B2B customer experience subscription service that streamlines proposal timelines, reduces data silos and provides radical transparency into your program.

Mystery Shopping 

Mystery shopping is used to bring to light the true customer experience, and implementing a secret shopping program is a proven, effective way to ensure you achieve company objectives around customer satisfaction and retention. Mystery shopping enables you to hold your employees accountable for their performance viewed through the lens of customer experience. 

Consumer Confidence

By utilizing our safety & compliance services, you can protect your customers.
To draw a comparison, all of the great customer experience initiatives in the world can’t cover up an E. coli outbreak, a drunk driving accident, or your employees’ mistreatment of people of difference. 

Competitive Research 

The most resilient organizations maintain an ongoing and insightful understanding of their competition. In order to outmaneuver encroaching competitors, it is crucial to understand to what those in your industry – as well as those preparing to disrupt your industry – are doing. 
Our competitive research solutions help leaders understand threats and opportunities.

Customer Forensix™

Customer ForensiX™ strategy applies the science of forensics to the collection, examination and analysis of evidence, in order to engage your entire company in solving human problems and pioneering solutions that capture  adoring customers. 


. . . Trust AboutFace to uncover the truth about their standing in the marketplace and workplace.

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