Mystery shopping

Also commonly known as secret shopping and field research, this methodology is an excellent, cost-effective tool to gather information on the frontline.

Our mystery shopping services include onsite, telephone and web-based programs for consumer and B2B organizations, across a wide-spectrum of business categories.

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Why Mystery Shopping?

Leaders concur that mystery shopping is a highly-predictable and effective tool for holding your teams accountable for the habits that lead to sales.
Everyone else hates it.  
AboutFace has reengineered mystery shopping with its exclusive product, Customer Experience Profile™, to be a non-threatening and effective way of generating the adoption of performance standards. 



Mystery Shopping is also used in compliance and other types of data gathering programs – because remember, it is indeed, field research. 


Understand how your customers view your people and the experience they receive

Refine any gaps, hassles or opportunities in the customer journey to help sales and marketing perform optimally.

Improve frontline performance

FUN FACT: AboutFace clients improve their own best practices an average of 8.5% in the first year


Imagine if you had a map with various colored lights to show you which managers were consistently lining up to the evolving needs of the organization.  We\’ve got that.  

See your business from all angles

Mystery shopping expands your ability to draw in complex layers of data to better understand your people, your competitors and your market.

Services Related to Mystery Shopping

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Compliance Audits

An International Community

We have over 200,000 pre-qualified evaluators and panelists in Gig Central. These panelists share details about their life, as well as special licensing, knowledge and devices to help leaders understand their customers deepest functional & emotional needs.  

Once enrolled, panelists receive consistent feedback, reviews & ratings, plus on-demand support, recognition and incentives.

Currently, we serve the United States, Canada, and Latin America and through key partnerships, we can also provide seamless coverage through Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping