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Every type of research or methodology has its pros and cons. Our Product Development Team has ‘reinvented’ traditional services to significantly reduce the negatives, and our clients are obsessed with these products.  


You have access to exclusive products and other benefits. Take a look at some of our preferred offerings.



A road map to customer-centered differentiation

Advanced Customer Experience Strategy (ACES), is an organizational reinvention model that supports companies as they move from business-centric to customer-centric behaviors.  

ACES is a flexible model of driving customer-centricity into your culture. No matter whether you are an early or intermediate in your CX journey, ACES provides customized way-finding based on your financial targets.


For mystery shopping that doesn’t suck

Our Customer Experience Profile™ (CXP) is a fan favorite, as it feels more like a personality assessment for your employees than a negative or challenging experience.

AboutFace’s CXP removes the intimidating nature of mystery shopping and creates an approachable, comprehensive report teams can use to improve their performance. 



Identify your competitor’s weakness in one research study

Is it their people, processes, products, promotions, pricing or something else? Each competitor has a weakness. What would it do for your organization to isolate their current weaknesses and compare it to your own.  


Drive prioritization of business opportunities 

By utilizing the LOVEQUAD™ framework, you can easily segment customers into the 4 quadrants needed to determine the value and upward trajectory of each account. Customer segmentation is one of the best ways for brands to focus their sales & account teams on the priorities that matter most.  



Sentiment Analysis is a research methodology that allows you to get the most out of your qualitative data.

Sentiment analysis takes millions of lines of commentary from various sources and categorizes each line into positive, negative and neutral for a given topic area, like service, support, product quality or delivery.  When used with sales and loyalty drivers, organizations have a tool that notifies companies when sentiment impacts areas that impact revenue & sales or churn.  


The Guestumentary™ is a video documentary, produced in a easy, YouTube-style format that features a random representation of your actual customers responding to questions about the total brand experience.

What makes The Guestumentary™ so dramatic and meaningful is our use of questions and the way we montage the responses together. Clients consistently say, “This is one of the most memorable things we have ever done,” and “In 10 minutes, this [Guestumentary] accomplished more than all the meetings we have had with our franchisees.” 

The Guestumentary™ creates an indelible memory that helps move the organization’s constituents in the right direction. It is best used at annual conferences, orientations and key notes.

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Exclusive Products
  • AboutFace is a true extension of our team

    “We developed a new secret shopping program using AboutFace. We changed from a quantitative report that was not easy for our people to understand to one that gives loads of information on the sales process and allowed accountability for each department monthly. Over the years we have worked with AboutFace, we have improved an average of 3% per year.
    Rick Hanson, Director of Retail Operations
    Bass Pro Shops 

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