The Service Recovery Index (SRI™) is a consumer poll that rates your company’s behaviors around retention practices, point of services failures and customer recovery effectiveness.

Designed by Paige Hall, Founder and CEO of AboutFace, in cooperation with Rexer Analytics, SRI_Chartthe SRI™ also marries nicely with a service AboutFace conducts for clients to help them measure and improve their effectiveness in this critical and unattended area of service delivery.

Service recovery is actually the entry point to true, embedded loyalty, a real opportunity, not an annoying, painful ordeal people have to tolerate. Companies that understand and systematically capitalize on these moments turn lemons into lemonade and create brand infatuation which leads to customers for life.” – Paige Hall, CEO AboutFace

No matter how exemplary frontline team members are, they cannot always recover business and customers with human kindness alone. There are two fundamental areas to loyalty-led service recovery, and an SRI Pyramidorganization must have specific competencies and commitments in both:

  1. Leadership Commitment & Behaviors
  2. Frontline Service Recovery

Bottom line, companies need to have a strong service recovery strategy to keep customers and increase loyalty, which equals less turnover and higher revenues.

If you would like to take a quick and simple self-assessment to rate your organization’s current capabilities, score yourself using our downloadable Leadership Self Assessment.

Based on the most recent results, companies should aim to score high in the categories of Swift, Direct, Empathetic and Attentive.

Service Recovery - Swift, Direct, Empathetic and Attentive

Want to know more about Service Recovery Index™ & Planning?  Please download our Service Recovery One-Pager >>> PDF-icon-32-black


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