Our Panel Includes People from Every Walk of Life.

With over 200,000 pre-qualified mystery secret shoppers and panelists contributing within our supplier community, clients can find the answer to any question they have.

Currently, AboutFace covers the United States, Canada, and Latin America.  Through key partnerships, we can also provide seamless coverage through Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The composition of our main panel also includes the following relevant segments:

1.  6,000 member youth panel
2.  6,500 member B2B panel
3.  9,800 bilingual member panel

Pre-qualified Secret Shoppers are profiled with typical demographics, as well as hobbies, interests, special licensing, technology, and many other categories used to develop custom programs for our clients.

Finally, AboutFace recruits participants through referrals, social media, forums, and events. Once enrolled, panelists receive ongoing feedback and support as well as incentives.

Mystery shopping is used to bring to light the true customer experience. Implementing a secret shopping program is a proven, effective way to ensure you achieve company objectives around customer satisfaction and retention. Mystery shopping enables you to hold your employees accountable for their performance viewed through the lens of customer experience. AboutFace clients improve their results an average of 7% to 11% in the first year of using our proprietary programs.

AboutFace has designed customized programs for companies across a wide spectrum of industries including: education, automotive, healthcare, insurance, retail, transportation, hospitality and manufacturing. We utilize our base of 210,000 targeted shoppers to call on companies in person, by phone or online, and can employ a combination of these methods based on specific needs and objectives. Our armies of secret shoppers are your feet on the street. We help identify behaviors, measure effectiveness and increase revenue.